Drawing upon my strong interdisciplinary background and training, I offer courses ranging from topical subject matter to area studies and methodology. I have taught or plan to teach the following courses: (i) Urban-Regional Economics, (ii) Economic Geography, (iii) Economic Globalization, (iv) the Chinese Economy, (v) China and the U.S. in the Global Economy, and (vi) Big Data and Network Analysis.

Teaching Pedagogy: I aspire to build an open and positive environment in each class that I teach. In order to maximize teacher-student and peer-to-peer learning I employ a combination of teaching strategies, including active learning, experiential learning, and empirical case studies. My views on teaching have been largely shaped by my early teaching responsibilities at Michigan State University where I served as the lead lecturer for two years for a freshman-oriented service-learning course. In that role I developed a student-centered view of teaching and cultivated my abilities to facilitate culturally sensitive discussions on issues of social and economic justice among a group of ethnically and socio-economically diverse students.